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Lonely here at work

Are you working from home most of the time and feeling increasingly lonely?

Lonely Here At Work

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Below, we explain why professionals are feeling lonely and what companies can do to help overcome this. According to the study, the main reason why Brits feel lonely is because they feel they have little in common with their colleagues Following this, Other reasons why workers feel isolated include: working in an office on their own Not to mention that a lack of social support will supress productivity and prevent people from reaching their full potential. On top of the above, there may be a of reasons why team members feel lonely.

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The social connection that comes with a job can be really beneficial to our work, and to our lives. Having colleagues there to share wins, talk through issues, rely on, activities with or just chat to — this can make a big difference to the way we approach and enjoy work.

What workers can do to overcome loneliness in the workplace

But there are times when keeping that social connection alive can be hard. Work environments can change — sometimes quickly — making it harder to connect. And now that more people are working remotely, many are finding it hard to feel connected from afar. Loneliness and social isolation have long been around, but these feelings have become even more challenging for Australians since the outbreak of COVID The need for physical distancing measures during the pandemic meant changes to the way we connect, with in-person contact, and more screen time, and some of these things have stayed in place even as lockdowns ended.

Read says throughout the pandemic, many people have felt lonely and socially isolated because there were fewer opportunities for meaningful exchanges.

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Everyone has felt lonely at some stage in their life, but your experiences can be really valuable in helping you navigate feelings of social isolation. Here are three things you can try:. The key to combating loneliness at work is making small efforts to connect with others on a regular basis.

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Hi there. What makes us feel lonely Loneliness and social isolation have long been around, but these feelings have become even more challenging for Australians since the outbreak of COVID They may well have been craving the chance for social connection, too.

Are you working from home and feeling lonely? here are 10 tips to avoid loneliness

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How to beat feeling lonely and isolated while you work

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Over half of brits suffer from loneliness in the workplace

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