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Women Want Nsa Kurtistown Hawaii

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We conducted this survey during July and August The reason for calling it a survey "within Japanese-American Society on Hawaii Island" is due to the fact that TKJ has been propagated almost exclusively on Hawaii Island among persons of Japanese ancestry. Our aims in producing this study have been to demonstrate the kind of people ing this new religion, and their reasons for so doing.

We also want to consider how those persons accepted the religion, what its subsequent development has been to date, and what its potential future development may be. In approaching these issues we have relied on the oral and written documentation produced by our survey, and we have paid special attention to the unique features of the religion and the social attributes of the people forming its membership.

The population of the entire island of Hawaii forming the field for this survey was said to be around 70, at the time of our survey. Of thisabout 43, resided in the Hilo district, 1, in Kona, and 4, in Pahala Kau. As a result, it must be admitted that our survey are incomplete with regard to the Kona and Pahala areas the latter in particular. Immigrants from Japan served as the driving force behind the formation of local communities in the Hilo, Kona and Pahala areas.

As a result, large s of Japanese-Americans continue to live within these local communities today.

For example, in Hilo, Japanese-Americans make up about forty percent of the entire population, while the proportion is even greater in Kona. Further, Japanese customs and forms of social organization have become strongly embedded in these local societies, as evidenced by the presence of neighborhood mutual assistance associations called kumiai 2 or "cooperatives.

In order to accomplish that practice and discipline, people must first make their minds firm and resolve to leave the "world of maggots" uji no yorising by their own power to the "other country, the kingdom of god" where "neither position, fame, money or assets, external display or show is important," but only "purity of heart" magokoro alone.